free glitter text and family website at

free glitter text and family website at
My Name Is Sarah Mason I am a female  singer song writer from The UK.
  I write and produce all my own original material based on my true life experiances.
 I started playing the keyboard at the age of 8 and  continued to increase my repitoir of instruments.
I am very versatile in different styles of music but  I love doing Dance and Pop Rock.
 I have collaborated with many other artists all over the world and  I have teamed together
with a couple of fantastic guys  from America -Ray Viola  And Joe Calautti. ( The Ray & Joe Show )
They have added excellent guitar to my songs.
I Have also Been Part Of The Ray & Joe Show from the beginning and do a weekly
segment called Tea Time I promote Not Only The Show , But Also The Radio Stations & Bands 




Listen To  A Sample Of The Album

I Would Like To Thank My Father
Fred Manton
For Adding Amazing Guitar To My New Songs
He Is A Very Talented Musician  & Was Formerly A

Band Member Of THE REST 1964

Please Forgive Me
I  Wanna Be Free 
Pick Up The Phone   

Real Love

Cover Songs
Purple Rain (Prince Cover Song)  

Feeling Good (Muse cover song) ft Squeeler Jake

Someone Like You (Adele Cover)

Comfortably Numb (cover)





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